District Asking

The voluntary District Asking is an amount the District Connectional Ministries Council (DCMC) requests from the local churches to help support district ministries.

2019 District Askings
Please click here to view your church's suggested giving amount.

2019 Approved District Asking ($3.00 per member)
30% - Parish Development / New Communities of Faith ($0.90)
Supports revitalization of existing congregations and our emphasis on developing new communities of faith such as Correador Unido, The African National Ministry, The International French Fellowship and the exploration of a new church start in Hiawatha

20% - Leadership Development ($0.60)
Supports training and equipping lay and clergy leaders through an annual leadership event, topical workshops, and clergy days apart.

15% - District Connectional Ministries Council (DCMC) ($0.45)
Supports communications, connectional events, and grants for new ministries

15% - Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) ($0.45)
Provides means for new immigrants to navigate the immigration system and discover possible paths to citizenship.

10% - Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) ($0.30)
Supports local congregations who participate in HCI through assistance with coaching fees and book purchases

10% - Outreach ($0.30)
Equips local churches to reach beyond their church walls through grants and hands-on ministry opportunities