What is and How to Use the Church Dashboard

The Church Dashboard is a web-based program that allows local churches to update the information for their church (such as Service Times and Events), both in the conference database and on our conference website.

In addition, the dashboard gives churches the opportunity to add their leaders directly into the conference database, allowing the district offices and the conference the ability to communicate directly with the leaders of the church. New leaders can be added anytime during the year but must be entered after charge conference.

It Is our expectation that every local church will use the dashboard so the conference and district offices can have access to the most up-to-date information regarding your church.

Online Charge Conference Reports are also accessible through the Church Dashboard. By using the Church Dashboard to access your charge conference reports, you are able to review the online reports from the previous year. Beginning with the 2017 Charge Conferences, online reports will need to be accessed through the church dashboard.

If you need help in accessing your Church Dashboard or no longer know the user name or password, please contact the district office.

This link provides an easy user guide for using your church dashboard; https://www.iaumc.org/dashguide